Introduction to Agroforestry and Design 

Friday, 20 September, 2019 - 09:00 to Sunday, 22 September, 2019 - 16:00
Huxhams Cross Farm TQ9 6AA

Last years successful course with Martin Wolfe, will be happening again this year and although sadly he is no longer with us, we hope that our course will continue his wonderful work of sharing of knowledge and skills, we know this was so important to him. We have created a course that combines his lectures as well as Marina's experience of working along side Martin and setting up her own farms with Agroforestry methodologies.

“Agroforestry is both  a traditional practice, and a modern practice. It has undergone a renewal and uptake for modern sustainable farming methods over the last 30-40 years The  name of "agroforestry" was created in the 1977 to describe the deliberate use of incorporating trees into farming practice”

The course will be run by Marina O'Connell -  Marina O’Connell is a horticulturist, permaculture designer, tutor and a biodynamic farmer. She has over 30 years of experience of training and growing in sustainable food systems including designing and implementing agroforestry systems on three farms. This three day course will equip you with an overview in how to design, implement and manage an agroforestry system.  Starting with an introduction to Agroforestry and it benefits the course will lead you through designing and planning your own agroforestry system

We will visit four agroforestry systems on the Dartington Hall Estate, incorporating Alley Cropping, the Forest Garden at Martin Crawford’s Agroforestry Research Centre, and the new Agroforestry plots at the Schumacher College and at Huxhams Cross Farm.

For more information or to book contact Rachel Phillips
Lunch can be provided at a cost of £6.00 inc VAT per person per day please email Rachel if you would like to book lunch.