A Sustainable Movement in Japan with Sachiaki Takamiya, Sachiyo (and Takumi 8 yrs old)

Thursday, 25 July, 2019 - 19:00 to 21:00
Huxhams Cross Farm TQ9 6AA

Sachiaki Takamiya lived in England in his early 20s, he is a writer and the founder of the Ikigai Diet. He now lives in a small rural town called Hino in Shiga Prefecture, Japan and leads a sustainable lifestyle. In his talk at The Apricot Centre, Huxhams Cross Farm, he will be discussing a new lifestyle called Satoyama Living that is emerging in Japan. Many Young people are moving to the countryside from big cities and leading sustainable lifestyles in a new way. He will be exploring the ideas of Han No Han X, a lifestyle to lead half farm life and half something else, Kominka living, Kominka living, transition initiatives, local networks, and eco-villages, politics and the grassroots movement.

The talk will take place at The Apricot Centre on 25th July 7pm - 9pm and costs £8 per person - limited to 25 people

About the facilitators
Sachiaki Takamiya is a writer and the founder of Ikigai Diet which is based on the traditional Japanese diet with the recent trends in Japanese health culture. He lives in a small rural town called Hino in Shiga Prefecture Japan with his wife Sachiyo and son Takumi. He grows vegetables using the Kawaguchi style natural farming. Sachiaki is involved in a local network in Hino which aims to shift the town to be more sustainable. There are about 20 families in the network, and many of its members raise children naturally, grow food naturally, and live in traditional Japanese houses.

Sachiyo has been in the medical field for a long time. She worked as a nurse in hospitals for over ten years. She then worked for a pharmaceutical company. After that, she worked as a counselor for cancer patients and their families. She now supports people’s health and well-being by providing comprehensive medical information; both western medicine and alternative medicine; and by giving healing sessions with several natural healing methods. She knows a lot about fermentation, and she helps people with her knowledge of fermentation, too.

Takumi is eight years old, and he goes to a local elementary school. His school is very small with about 70 students in the entire school, and there are only four students in his class. He often plays with other children in the local network. They sometimes play together in a forest playground that some members of the local network run.